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Hello and welcome to Boost Academy! We are a UK-based, independent online English language academy offering group classes via Zoom live and direct from England, UK.

We have designed our timetable and courses to be convenient for you, offering lessons both at lunch time and after work. All courses are 20 hours long and you can choose to take either one two-hour class each week (on a 10-week course). Or, you can take two classes each week (on a 5-week course) with the Boost Plus option.

We specialise in teaching adult learners of all nationalities from pre-intermediate level upwards. Our classes are educational, structured and fun. You will follow a learning pathway and practice grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing and pronunciation skills. We will help you meet your language goals whether they are for work, travel, a hobby or just for fun. We only speak English in the classroom to ensure all our students get the maximum benefit from the lesson.

We are all fully qualified (CELTA), experienced, English teachers; trained to provide the highest quality tuition. We will help you improve your level of English and overall confidence in using the language.

Our courses start from as little as €300 for over twenty hours of high-quality tuition. Take the quiz and book a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your English goals with our Director, Tam so you can continue your English language journey with us!

What our students think...

“When I was learning English with Tam, I enjoyed a lot. When I couldn’t understand something, she patiently taught me again. I have already recommended Tam to my friends and I recommend her to you.”

Onur Mert, Turkey

"Of course, I will recommend you learning English with Tam, in fact you must learn English with her! She has time management skills and is able to control the class and achieve all the objectives while having balanced fun. And the most important thing for me is that she has the best British English accent, the most neutral, the most perfect."

Maria Fernanda, Chile

"I had a wonderful experience learning English with Tam. Her lessons are very practical, dynamic, and well-organised. She is a superb English teacher who really helps you achieve your desired learning outcomes. I totally recommend her!"

Felipe, Chile

"My experience learning with Tam was really, really productive because she gave us theory, grammar and vocabulary but also motivated us with games and songs. I definitely recommend her, she’s the best native teacher I’ve had."

Veronica, Spain

And Booking

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The quiz should take between 5 – 15 minutes.

*If you haven’t got time to do the English quiz now don’t worry. You can still book your course now and then have your discovery call with Tam to discuss the next steps.

*If you live in Spain, check if you can reclaim the cost of your classes. Many Spanish students get their classes paid for by their employers, so ask your company for more information or click here.

Types of classes

Why study English?

English is the language of international communication. English is spoken by 400 million native people around the world. Not only will you use it to speak to native speakers, if you want to speak to someone from another country then it is very likely you will both be using English.
English will give you more opportunities. Speaking English means you can communicate well in many countries which presents both work and travel opportunities. Many companies now want their employees to speak some level of English so you will improve your work prospects, the better your English is.
English is the global language of business Successful communication enables strong connections and positive progress, professionally (and personally). Across all industries from manufacturing and service, to IT and healthcare, people are speaking, writing, and communicating in the English language.
Learning English can help you meet new people and have fun! Finding a community of people interested in similar things to you is a great way to practise, and being able to speak English opens up new opportunities in life. Learning English isn’t just about vocabulary and grammar; it’s about connecting and communicating which all helps us develop our social skills, and our minds.
Learning a second language is good for your brain Research shows that learning anything changes your brain, at least slightly, but learning a language changes it significantly. Studies indicate that the ability to speak two languages creates new connections in the brain, forming new neural pathways.  Learning a language has also been found to delay signs of dementia.


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